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VISION Optometrists™ offers the following services:

1. Professional Services

Our qualified and experienced team of Optometrists perform comprehensive and technologically advanced eye examinations with confidence. Over the years we have invested in cutting-edge, state-of-the-art instruments to ensure that we offer the most up-to-date procedures that our industry has to offer, and guarantee more accurate and thorough diagnoses.

Your eye examination will include the following:
  • Assessment of visual acuity
  • Subjective and Objective measure of refractive error at distance and near
  • Measurement of binocularity, accommodation, ocular muscle integrity, colour vision and depth perception where needed
  • Fundus Photography and Opthalmoscopy to assess and document ocular health
  • Slit-lamp examination to assess the health of the anterior segment of the eye
  • Topography to assess corneal irregularities and to assist with contact lens fitting
  • GDx ™Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer measurement to determine risk of glaucoma where needed
  • Tonometry to assess intra-ocular pressure
  • I-scription and I-terminal measurement where needed

Contact lens fittings are done with the greatest precision and care and we are one of the few optometric practices that specialise in the fitting and management of corneal irregularities such as Keratoconus.

Not only do we specialize in performing accurate refractions for best visual acuity, but also work closely with other health professionals to manage ocular disease and eye-related conditions such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome, to name but a few. Read more here about our new GDx instrument that can detect glaucomatous changes up to 6 years before any symptoms or visual loss occurs.

How long has it been since you had your eyes examined? Make an appointment today with one of our Optometrists.

2. Dispensing

Frames have become more than just corrective eyewear, it has become part of our daily appearance and for many, a fashion accessory. At Vision Optometrists ™, we understand that your spectacles reflect your image and personality and for this reason, we offer the biggest variety of styles and brands and we guarantee our products for peace of mind. If you are not sure where to start, we offer our expertise and advice on the most suitable frame shape, design and size.

Our spectacle lenses are sourced from the finest laboratories in South Africa and abroad such as Essilor, Hoya Optics and Carl Zeiss. Our dispensers will advise you on the best optical solutions in your choice of lens types, tints and coatings, to best suit your lifestyle, routine and optical needs.

We also stock most contact lens brands, contact lens solutions and over-the-counter eye drops for your convenience. We advise that you schedule an appointment for the best professional advice on these products. Click here to set a date for a consultation.

3. Lens Laboratory

We stock a variety of single vision lenses in our laboratory. Lens cutting and fitting are done on-site for most lens types, using accurate and advanced lens edging machinery.

We pride ourselves in offering continuous after-care services on our products. Frame adjustments, repairs and spare-part replacements are done on-site where possible. We gladly align and clean specs free of charge for your convenience.

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