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There has always been something mysterious about men in black and never more so than now, thanks to the increasing popularity of Blac carbon fibre frames from Bellinger, a brand synonymous with quality, innovation and style in the eyewear world.

Carbon fibre revolutionised motorsport in the 1980s thanks to the then-revolutionary combination of light weight and high strength, and Blac’s genuine carbon fibre frame does the same for eyewear thanks to an exceptionally stiff yet light platform. Distributed locally by JessenFashion, they’re perfect for active men, thanks to the glare-killing optics when fitted with sunglass lenses, yet still incredibly light when fitted with prescription lenses.
Carbon fibre frames almost became an obsession for Claus Bellinger and the company’s founder worked tirelessly to find solutions to the challenges which come with using this kind of innovative material. Producing frames in carbon is an intricate business because they can’t be bent or adjusted once laid-up in the mould and as a result each pair is virtually hand-made.

Production of Blac is a complicated process and requires a very high standard of tooling and three-dimensional moulding. Because of this, Blac is manufactured exclusively in its country of origin - Denmark – where the demands regarding quality, finish, and craftsmanship can be met on an ongoing basis.

A mix of fine carbon fibre weave along with fibreglass and titanium is used in the construction with the aesthetics of the 10-model range of spectacles and sunglasses finalised by designers briefed to come up with a look which is simultaneously avant-garde yet timelessly elegant. They worked closely with a team of engineers to ensure that form and function are in perfect harmony. The end result is a frame which is premium in every way and sets the standard for eyewear which not only boasts lightness and strength but has a unique texture and masculinity.

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