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Oakley True Digital - High Performance Sports Prescription Solutions

Introducing Rx lenses uniquely designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts who demand the best vision possible in high-wrap frames. Oakley True Digital™ lenses maximize performance by utilizing Oakley Dual Peripheral Technology™ to deliver the best possible peripheral image and motion recognition. Oakley True Digital™ takes advantage of our proprietary frame database to digitally tailor lenses to the specific frame and individual prescription.

Athletes put formidable demands on sunwear. In fact, sunwear is an extension of their abilities and a defining factor of their capabilities. They need acute and accurate vision - not
just straight ahead but in all directions. A comfortable and precise frame fit is necessary to maintain concentration, and to ensure the lenses are retained in optical alignment. Athletes
also need protection from impact and ultraviolet light.

All these demands push sunwear innovation in a direction that benefits everyone, not just those who compete in sports. With leading edge architecture in frame design, Oakley is
recognized as a global leader in high performance eyewear that answers the uncompromising demands of professional athletes.

Now, athletes and sports enthusiasts who require prescription optics can benefit from a new and innovative digital technology. Introducing Oakley True Digital™. With the benefit of
Oakley Dual Peripheral Technology™, Oakley True Digital™ delivers the best possible overall vision, not just straight ahead but over the entire high-wrap lens surface.

Oakley True Digital™ reconstructs the prescription for the best vision possible. Oakley Dual Peripheral Technology™ ensures sharper peripheral imaging and motion detection. The
result is a high wrap prescription sunglass that delivers not just crisp acuity, but a clearer periphery and fluidity of vision across high wrap lenses.

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