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Pepe Jeans Eyewear

The date is 1973, Portabello market, London, the Pepe Jeans stall is abuzz with trendy kids trying to grab the latest jeans from Pepe Jeans, their styling raising the eyebrows of the most discerning fashion devotees. This was the birth of Pepe Jeans.

Pepe grew up during the time when fashion was created, not by marketing science and cold cash, but by people wanting different and exciting fashion that the Shah brothers were able to provide.

Fast forward 40 years and the growth of Pepe Jeans has been astounding. Pepe retails in 60 countries, sells through almost 7000 doors and has over 300 stand alone stores internationally. Pepe, however remains loyal to the fashion forward and continues to challenge the face of fashion always resisting conformism.

Pepe Jeans has not gone unnoticed by some of the role model celebrities today. They include well known people like Ashton Kutcher, Sienna Miller and Christian Ronaldo to name but a few. Incidentally it was Pepe Jeans that gave Kate Moss her first ad campaign. Pepe Jeans has also come to the forefront world wide by their sponsorship of the Red Bull formula 1 racing team.

Pepe eyewear follows on from the Pepe mantra, that is to provide cutting edge fashion eyewear that can be worn by all. The styling and colour schemes of the Pepe eyewear range are infinitely wearable, well proportioned shapes with a fantastically comfortable fit.

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