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Speed is the key factor to success in a Formula 1 race. When constructing a car, many factors play an important role. Cars are optimised down to the smallest detail to create maximum output without compromising performance. In particular, the wings can develop the required aerodynamics. The front wing is one of the most sophisticated and most sensitive parts of the entire construction. Its form determines the ideal air flow over the rest of the car body. With the help of an optimal airstream along the underside of the car, top speed and better grip can be achieved.

Maximum power, maximum sportiness and precise design.

What works for cars can also work for glasses. They demonstrate the cutting edge in technological innovation, design precision and sporty appearance. The Red Bull Racing Eyewear collection with the special racing touch is captivating both in form and design, in true Formula 1 style. They are available in different shapes, material and colours combinations. But aside from their racing spirit, they are also functional. Their super-lightweight synthetic construction combined with the use of polycarbonate lenses is equivalent to the front wing in Formula 1 - ideal adaption thanks to ideal materials. The entire collection provides a striking testimony to the Red Bull Racing Team.

BE SPECTACULAR with Red Bull Racing Eyewear

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