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How Often is an Eye Exam Needed?

This is one of the questions we frequently hear at Vision.
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UV Radiation: Its Impact on the Human Eye

Two different types of light enter the eye, namely Ultra Violet (UV) light and Visible Light...
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Sports Vision Explained

The topic of Sports Vision is one which is fairly unknown amongst not only the general public but even in optometric and ophthalmological circles.
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Transitions Optical Tips

The eyes are just as vulnerable if not more vulnerable to UV rays as the skin, yet eighty-five percent of South African's don't think that...
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Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eyes are a very common occurrence interfering with comfort and visual function and are more apparent in the winter season...
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Optical Illusions - How the Brain can Trick Us

The human brain tricks us whenever it can! The following images are not animated - they seem to move even though they are static images...
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Eye Examinations for Children

Have you ever considered that your child's performance at school may be directly related with his or her ability to see?
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Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Here's how to care for your eyes and your contact lenses...
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Have a Regular Eye Exam

You can see well, so why should you have your eyes tested? Well, let's see, pardon the pun!
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Glaucoma - The Silent Thief of Sight

And you thought Gauteng's crime was bad - be warned, Glaucoma is the silent thief of sight...
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Tips on Caring for Your Eyes

You only have two of 'em, so look after 'em...
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Optimum Nutrition for Your Eyes

Ocular nutrition and eye health is an important part of helping maintain our vision and eye health as we age...
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All About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the silent thief of sight, as it is painless and symptoms appear slowly. The common "puff test" has been shown to miss the disease...
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Caring for Your Eyes

Bi-annual eye test should be performed between ages 6-40 yrs and thereafter annual eye examinations are advised...
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Caring for Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are classified based on the material they are made of and the wearing schedule of each type of lens...
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Common Eye Exam Terms

Here is an explanation of common eye exam terms...
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Ocular Health

The macula is the point of the retina on which light rays are focused by the cornea and the lens of the eye...
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Eye Exams for Children

Children should receive their first eye exam at the age of six months, then again when the child turns three...
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