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Eye Examinations for Children

child_spectaclesHave you ever considered that your child's performance at school may be directly related with his or her ability to see?

You may spare your child years of therapy by having his or her eyes checked regularly.

How regularly?

It is a good idea to have your child’s eyes tested before he or she starts primary school.

If your child has no visual problems, we recommend an eye test every 18-24 months but if your child wears glasses or needs visual therapy, they should visit us annually.

But what if things don't "look" right?

Sometimes we should pay attention and here are a few things never to ignore:

• Sudden/gradual squint in one or both eyes

• Rubbing eyes all the time

• Screwing up eyes to see objects in the distance

• Complaining of continuous head aches

• Change in academic performance at school

If any of the above problems occur, rather come visit us as soon as possible.

Where do we start?

We suggest having an eye examination. We will then assess the situation and guide you in the right direction by either prescribing glasses, giving visual training or referring you to an Ophthalmologist for further treatment.

What to expect

Choose a time of the day when your child is well rested, fed and tolerant. If your child has ever had any specs, bring it along and be ready to answer all sorts of questions that may give us a clue as to why these symptoms are occurring. We will then, typically do the following tests:

• Visual acuity: A subjective test to assess vision with no correction and if you're worried that your child may swap his D's and B's, don't be, because we’ll use pictures and tumbling E's instead for the really little ones.

• Motilities and Saccades to assess ocular muscle function

• Colour Vision

• Depth Perception

• Subjective and objective assessment of refractive error (in any)

• Test accommodative function of visual system

• Binocular visual assessment

• Assessment of ocular health

Our white testing chairs may look intimidating, but none of these tests will hurt, not even a little.

infant_spectaclesBottoms of glass bottles?

Sometimes, specs are the only way ahead and for some kids, this may mean the end of their social careers.

Not to worry… We have a wide range of funky and cute frames for kids of all ages.

We will also advise you on your choice of lenses that will not only be nice to look through, but also nice to look at!


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