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Have a Regular Eye Exam

Give me 10 good reasons...

You can see well, so why should you have your eyes tested? Well, let’s see, pardon the pun!

vision_exam1. You get headaches at least twice a week.

2. You hate dining out by candlelight, not because you’re not romantic, but because you cannot see anything on the menu.

3. You are diabetic.

4. You have a family history of ocular disease.

5. You avoid driving at night.

6. Your eyes burn and are red and watery almost every day.

7. You are in front of a computer most of the day.

8. You wear contact lenses and can’t remember the last time you changed them.

9. Everyone thinks you’re a snob and you think strangers are waving at you.

10. You want good eyesight for the duration of your life.

I think I’ll make an appointment

Remember to bring along your current specs or contact lens prescription details and also make a note of relevant information about chronic medication or treatment that you are receiving. It’s best to be rested and alert when having an eye exam, so take that into consideration when booking an appointment.

Open wide...

No, it’s nothing like the dentist. Here’s what to expect:

optometrist_eye_exam• Assessment of visual acuity- you’ll need to know your alphabet for this one, but we have ways to help illiterate patients too.

• Subjective and Objective measure of refractive error at distance and near

• Measurement of binocularity, accommodation, ocular muscle integrity, colour vision and depth perception where needed

• Fundus Photography and Ophthalmoscopy to assess and document ocular health- you’ll get to see the inside of your eye!

• Slit-lamp examination to assess the health of the anterior segment of the eye

• Topography to assess corneal irregularities and to assist with contact lens fitting

• GDx ™Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer measurement to determine risk of glaucoma where needed

• Tonometry to assess intra-ocular pressure-nobody likes that puff test, but that’s no reason to skip your eye exam, it may save your sight.

Not only do we specialize in performing accurate refractions for best visual acuity, but also work closely with other health professionals to manage ocular disease and eye-related conditions such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome, to name but a few.

They'll call me "Four eyes"!

Contact lens fittings are done with the greatest precision and care and we are one of the few optometric practices that specialise in the fitting and management of corneal irregularities such as Keratoconus.

Almost all refractive errors can be corrected with the wide range of contact lenses on the market today! For more info, contact us here.

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