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Please have a look at these interactive tools to see the effects of common eye diseases.

Cataract Simulator
A cataract is well known, but what is not well known, is that it cannot be diagnosed by looking at someone's eye without the appropriate diagnostic equipment, so your ECP will give you advice...
glaucoma Glaucoma Simulator
Glaucoma is the eye's inability to withstand its own fluid pressure. This fluid pressure damages the optic nerve (which links the eye and the brain), causing visual losses peripherally...
macular degeration Macular Degeneration Simulator
Macular Degeneration has two forms, either Wet or Dry macular degeneration, with wet having the greater impact on sight. The macula is a small (1mm surface area) of the eye which contains 60 000 receptors...
myopia Myopia Simulator
Myopia is a very common sight affecting condition, one which impacts on millions of people's lives the world over. Myopia is the eyes inability to focus clearly on a distance and is also called near- or short-sightedness...

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