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Issue 18, December 2013

We wish all our loyal VISION customers a very blessed festive season and relaxing holiday. May you enjoy this special time with those that you keep dear to your heart.

For our final newsletter for 2013, we have included our highlights.

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We trust and hope to SEE you again in 2014!

The VISION team

2013 Highlights

2013 was a busy and very exciting year for VISION Optometrists; from the Mandela family’s visit to being featured on e-tv's morning show Sunrise. Let's take a look at the year in the review.

1. Kahn Morbee, Lead Singer of the Parlotones Becomes Brand Custodian

Kahn Morbee from the Parlotones

Kahn Morbee, lead singer of the South African rock band Parlotones, visited the VISION Optometrists Cresta branch in the lead up to Eye Care Awareness Month in September 2013. Davor Jadrijevic, one of the optometrists at VISION conducted a complete eye test on Kahn after which Ray-Ban representative, Shannon Reichhardt showed Kahn the latest frames from the brand’s summer collection which he could choose from.

2. Eusebius from POWER FM Speaks To VISION Optometrists About Eye Care Awareness Month

Power FM Logo

In September, Werner Noëth from VISION Optometrists was invited to the POWER FM studios in Houghton where he was interviewed by radio legend Eusebius Mckaiser. The interview focused on various eye care tips and discussions around the different ocular diseases and the treatment thereof.

3. Mandela Family Visit Cresta Branch

Mandela's Family Visit Vision

On International World Sight Day, members the Mandela family visited VISION Optometrists to show support for the eye care awareness cause. Former states lady Winnie Madikizela Mandela, her daughter Zindziswa and daughter-in-law Lindo took time from their busy schedules to have their eyes tested at VISION Optometrists, Cresta branch in Northern Johannesburg.

Our sincere condolences to the Mandela family in this difficult time. Mr Mandela was a man who had a great vision and made his vision come true. We salute you.

4. e-tv Sunrise Invites VISION Optometrists to Spread the Word About Eye Care Awareness Month

Vision at e-tv Sunrise

Each Wednesday morning e-tv’s breakfast show, Sunrise focusses on providing hope and upliftment to their viewers in a production fittingly called Hope Day. During Eye Care Awareness Month in September, the VISION Optometrists team were invited to visit the studios on Hope Day to spread the word about Glaucoma, a prevalent eye disease that affects many South Africans. Davor Jadrijevic was interviewed by Sindy Mabe, presenter of Sunrise while Junilla Gabel conducted live Glaucoma tests on the team members.

5. VISION Optometrists Visit SILMO Paris

Fashion eyewear at SILMO Paris

Silmo Paris is the essential trade show for professionals in the optics/eyewear sector and this year VISION Optometrists’ Junilla Gabel was lucky enough to visit the exhibition and share the latest styles with the fans. Silmo gives guests an exclusive look into the upcoming trends and fashion ‘must-haves’ of the optic world.

6. Bloggers

Influential bloggers visit Vision

As part of the VISION Optometrists focus on Eye Care Awareness Month, three key bloggers were invited to experience a complete eye test with the team. VISION Optometrists decided to focus on Glaucoma, according to the South African Glaucoma Society (SAGS), 12.5% of South Africans over the age of 40 suffer with this disease. The Bloggers were able to find out more about the different machinery used during the eye tests and meet up with representatives from PEPE Jeans Eye Wear and Guess Eye Wear.

Here are links to the blogs - check them out!

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7. VISION Optometrists Spread the Word on Eye Care Awareness

During the last few months VISION Optometrists were featured in various publications across South Africa. The focus remained on Glaucoma as it remains the second leading cause of blindness across the world.

Have a look at the coverage VISION enjoyed in publications like Sarie, Women’s Health and Health24…

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