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Issue 14, July 2012

We at VISION, would like to keep you informed about healthy eyes, frame fashion and the latest developments in the world of optometry through our quarterly newsletter.

In this edition, you will find more information on how we select spectacle lenses for your visual needs. Also, until the end of July, our daily contact lenses are on promotion.  

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Stay warm and REMEMBER to up your water intake during the dry winter months. 

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How we select spectacle lenses

Choosing spectacle lenses

As we get more and more exposed to technologically advanced lifestyles, our visual demands increase to keep up with smart phones, laptops, GPS’s and every form of tablet available. All of this can be a real pain in the… eye. Although the human eye is an amazing data processing system, we may experience difficulty to focus on objects. The following conditions are the most common to be rectified: 

  • Myopia (near sighted), no problem, you can see a dust particle, but cannot read the weather on TV just 3m away 
  • Hypermetropia (far sighted), those who believe there is no dust, but can spot a leopard in a tree 500 yards away 
  • Presbiopia (when you need to stretch the arms to read), your mature age barometer 
  • Astigmatism (cannot focus properly at any distance). Sorry people, you miss all the action. 

At Vision Optometrists we aim to provide clear sharp vision at any distance and hence we introduce products to aid the wearer to experience absolute visual comfort throughout the day, whatever their visual demands. Like most consumables on the market, prescription lenses do have generic choices. Most lenses will assist in correcting your vision, but to "fine tune" it, will require a careful selection. We all have different requirements and demands, a choice between lens designs will be made based on your specific needs (correction for far, near or multiple distances) and resources.

Your vision allows you to experience life in full. Light is essential to vision, and the appropriate quantity of light is an important determinant of both visual acuity and visual comfort. Too much or too little light can result in eyestrain, squinting, or eye fatigue. 

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Why water is good for you

Drinking water

1. Drinking water and not juice or soda eases the discomfort of dry eyes and keeps your skin healthy and glowing
2. At least 8 glasses of water a day are recommended, but when taking antihistamines, drinking alcohol, living in a dry environment or exercising, more water is required
3. Water can lower your blood pressure. By drinking enough water the risk of cholesterol, heart attacks and stroke are reduced
4. When there is a shortage of water, the body will store it, causing water retention. By hydrating your body you can reduce water retention. Too much salt can also result in water retention, by reducing salt intake while drinking enough water you will be able to rehydrate your body
5. Enough water daily will help your body to get rid of excess toxins and body waste, if dehydrated these toxins accumulate in the cells, reducing the amount of oxygen the blood transfers to the brain and other organs. This will reduce cell function and can even lead to cancer
6.Water will boost your energy levels and reduce fatigue as it generates electrical and mechanical energy in the body's cells, if dehydrated your blood becomes thicker, making it more difficult for the body to circulate it, leading to fatigue and low concentration

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