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Issue 19, July 2014

Who can believe it’s already four years since the Fifa world cup was held in South Africa? It’s just not the same watching the games late at night on tv! To help you "keep your eye on the ball" this winter make sure they are well lubricated. Dry eyes are more common than you might think and can adversely affect visual performance. Most of us may not know that a nagging, irritated red eye is just screaming for some attention. How do I know I have a dry eye? Red, gritty and scratchy eyes are often a result of dryness. Ironically even a watery eye is in fact dry (the eye surface "realises" its dry and triggers tear secretion to compensate). So if you experience any of these symptoms, pop in to have your eyes seen to so we can assist you.

For more information, see our article on on dry eyes from our resource centre. 

Keep warm (and lubricated!)
Davor Jadrijevic


We asked the Optometrists at VISION, why they would suggest contact lenses and why they won’t.

Contact lenses are great for:

  • If you have a high prescription. Spectacles with high prescriptions can be heavy, thick and even uncomfortable. Depending on the prescription, spectacle lenses either mini- or magnify your eyes and can cause peripheral visual distortion.
  • As an alternative to spectacles and to provide convenience whilst playing sport, holidaying, going out to movies/opera/dinner.
  • With certain corneal problems e.g keratoconus contact lenses provide better vision than spectacles.
  • Can be very affordable

Contact lenses are not too good when:

  • You have chronic dry eye, allergies and/or blepharitis (eyelid infection)
  • You have a history of infections with contact lenses
  • When you are unable to provide proper lens care and follow the wearing regimen
  • Working in a dusty environment
  • Current wearers or previous contact lens wearers showing signs of contact lens related physiological problems.


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