Issue 5, June 2010

"Ke Nako" means "We Can" and have we ever!!glasses2

Our cities, roads and stadia are ready to welcome the world. Hello again and hyper-football mania greetings from your eye care team, Vision Optometrists. Excitement is mounting with the World Cup on our very own doorstep, so join us as we explore vision and the sports field. This edition highlights the role the visual system plays in sport and how optometric professionals can make a difference in an athlete's performance. Optometrist, Junilla Gabel then gives us the low down on soccer ball designs and how visually integrated they are – it is not just about pretty colours and patterns. Why settle for 2010 when you can have 20/20? Read on to learn about our World Cup specials.

This 2010 edition will have something of value for all, enjoy the Cup and may it be a wonderful time for South Africa, all its Citizens and our guests.


Keep your Eye on the Ball

By Junilla Gabel

It is soccer time! Everywhere you look, soccer balls are kicked, thrown and enjoyed by young and old. But, have you ever wondered, why a soccer ball is a specific colour? Why it has stripes, blocks or circles on? VISION investigates, and points out what makes them visually special.

Firstly, there are so many different soccer balls on the market; the professional match ball, the match ball, the practice ball, the indoor ball, the futsal ball and lastly the promotional ball. Yes, I know that most of these balls are dynamically designed to fly exceptionally true, and that they have passed the highest ratings, but why the particular colour or design?


Let’s start with the most important ball for 2010 – the official World Cup match ball, called the JABULANI. JABULANI means “celebrations” or “come to bring happiness to everyone”.

There are eleven colours used on the JABULANI, surprisingly it is also the eleventh Adidas World Cup ball. These 11 colours represent also the 11 players in every team and the 11 official languages of South Africa. The colourful four triangle-shapes with the white background lend the ball a unique appearance in African spirit. This design and colours fixates the player’s eyes on the ball while rotating and moving over the field. The white background makes it easy for you, as supporter, to notice against the green field. The design creates a visual signal that keeps your eyes focused on the ball, while Bafana Bafana scores another goal (hopes). Isn’t that just Ayoba!!

This is an exceptional ball in quality and design, and Adidas even claims that it has surpassed its own Teamgeist ball from 2006 World Cup, in constructing the roundest and most accurate ball ever played.

To make it more exciting – the final match is played by a special design – the white and gold Jo’bulani.


Then there is the Nike Total 90 Hi-Vis soccer ball, developed with leading sports-vision scientists, and designed to aid soccer players in low light conditions especially in the winter months. According to our investigation, this is the very first soccer ball, where a vision-scientist helped with the development of a soccer ball. They studied arrangement, contrast and effects of different colours. Different designs, artificial light and field backgrounds, were also looked at. 

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Sports Vision Explained

By Werner Noëth and Chené Pelser

The topic of Sports Vision is one which is fairly unknown amongst not only the general public but even in optometric and ophthalmological circles. The first impression one might get when the term "sports vision" is used is one of sitting comfortably with a the television screen clearly in sight and a large array of snacks and other refreshments within ones grasp. The experience of then viewing your favourite sports star or team perform well would be a pleasant one which would make the "sports vision" or maybe "sports viewing" session worth enjoying regularly. 

The truth is that Sports Vision has to do with vision, more specifically visual skills involved in performing visual tasks while participating in sport. Thus it is important for sportsman and sportswoman and not that important to spectators. As we all know, the variety of skills required in different sports are endless but there are some basic skills that most sports would require...

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Internal Vision News 

• John Schubach was one of 1850 triathletes that had the courage to partake in the Ironman SA competition; he came 124th and completed the event in 10hours and 34 minutes. What an accomplishment, well done John
Chené Pelser one of Vision's Optometrists moved to our Pretoria branch in Zambezi on the 1st of May and will be manning our store full time
• 2 of our staff members, Eoudia and Rozettha, celebrated their sons 21st birthdays in April. Happy birthday once again.
Tamia, one of our frontline staff is leaving us end of May, after almost 2 years of employment. Thank you Tamia for your hard work, you will be missed.
• Vision is 2 members richer – Rachelle de Beer, who started in January and Marizaan van Niekerk, who started in March. We are really proud to have you on our Team.
• Vision will have exiting promotions during the Soccer World Cup, so be sure to visit us during this period.
• In May, John Schubach joined Leigh Bennie and Prof Harry Seftel on "A Word on Medical" 702 Talk Radio and discussed Optometry. Visit the 702 website to download the podcast. 

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The Incredible Lightness of Being Blac


There has always been something mysterious about men in black and never more so than now, thanks to the increasing popularity of Blac carbon fibre frames from Bellinger, a brand synonymous with quality, innovation and style in the eyewear world.

Carbon fibre revolutionised motorsport in the 1980s thanks to the then-revolutionary combination of light weight and high strength, and Blac’s genuine carbon fibre frame does the same for eyewear thanks to an exceptionally stiff yet light platform. Distributed locally by JessenFashion, they’re perfect for active men; thanks to the glare-killing optics when fitted with sunglass lenses, yet still incredibly light when fitted with prescription lenses.

Carbon fibre frames almost became an obsession for Claus Bellinger and the company’s founder worked tirelessly to find solutions to the challenges which come with using this kind of innovative material. Producing frames in carbon is an intricate business because they can’t be bent or adjusted once laid-up in the mould and as a result each pair is virtually hand-made.

Production of Blac is a complicated process and requires a very high standard of tooling and three-dimensional moulding. Because of this, Blac is manufactured exclusively in its country of origin - Denmark – where the demands regarding quality, finish, and craftsmanship can be met on an ongoing basis.

A mix of fine carbon fibre weave along with fibreglass and titanium is used in the construction with the aesthetics of the 10-model range of spectacles and sunglasses finalised by designers briefed to come up with a look which is simultaneously avant-garde yet timelessly elegant. They worked closely with a team of engineers to ensure that form and function are in perfect harmony.

The end result is a frame which is premium in every way and sets the standard for eyewear which not only boasts lightness and strength but has a unique texture and masculinity.


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