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Issue 11, March 2011

We can't believe it! The first two months of 2011 has come and gone! Time is literally flying!

This is our first issue for 2011, and we do value your feedback as it gives us an idea on what we are doing right and where we need to improve or change our offering. All feedback will be greatly appreciated. Send us mail at

We are giving you some important information on how to handle an eye related emergency! Also see our emergency contact details at the bottom of the mailer.

Then, we are introducing VonZipper Eyewear range in our stores. Come try them on, and see what the fuss is all about.

Enjoy the ICC Cricket!



It is sport season! Whether watching Vodacom Super rugby, Absa Premiership football, ICC World Cup cricket or playing your favorite sport, have you thought about protecting your eyes??

The severity of sports-induced eye injuries varies from mild scratches of the eye to severe trauma that can cause extreme pain, visual impairment and even blindness.

Types of injury


Sports injuries can cause three types of trauma: Corneal abrasion, blunt injuries or penetrating injuries. 

Corneal abrasion is a scrape of the outer surface of the eye, often due to a scratch from a fingernail. This can be painful but is usually not severe.

Blunt injuries occur when impact from an object causes sudden compression of the eye e.g. an elbow, cricket ball or squash ball.

If the injury is mild, a black eye or a subconjunctival hemorrhage (bleeding from the small blood vessels on the conjunctiva; the white outer layer of the eye) may occur. These types of bleeding pose no threat to the eye itself, but, severe injuries are not always obvious, and it is therefore crucial that anyone with any form of eye trauma gets examined.

Penetrating injuries occur when a foreign object e.g. a shattered lens of a spectacle pierces the eye. The correct eyewear is therefore very important when playing sports. Penetrating injuries often cause severe, vision-threatening damage and are therefore seen as an emergency and must be evaluated immediately. 


The warning signs of potentially serious eye injury include:

  • Visual loss
  • Bleeding on the surface or inside of the eye
  • A foreign body inside the eye

What to do? 

Prompt first aid after eye injury may greatly improve the chance of saving vision. You have to place a protective cover over the eye to prevent further damage. Tape the bottom of a paper cup over the eye, and seek emergency care as soon as possible.

Emergency Ophthalmologist contact details:

VISIOMED                             011 476 3119
Eye Specialist                     011 431 3658
Pretoria Eye Institute        012 427 0000



The best prevention against eye injury is to wear specially designed protective eyewear. Such eyewear can greatly reduce the chance of ocular injury as regular spectacles and contact lenses don’t offer adequate protection. Even the frame itself can damage the eye if great force is exerted on it. 

Besides the normal protective faceguard, wire mask or goggles, please also consider the following:

  • Wearing sunglasses or protective frames at all times
  • Polycarbonate lenses are the safest, due to their impact resistance
  • "Wrap around” lens material that covers the whole orbital eye area
  • Choose a frame that either comes apart upon impact (e.g. quick release hinge system), or a very light titanium or plastic frame.
  • Most sports today have specific protective sunglasses, most of which can even accommodate your spectacle prescription
  • For children, who are by nature very active, polycarbonate lenses are always recommended for their spectacles regardless if they are playing sports or not.

Enquire in-store or contact VISION 011 476 3202




• We welcome Annelize van der Walt to our Zambezi branch, we are glad to have you part of the VISION team.
• Congratulations to Angelique and Jessica, who had their birthdays in January!!
• All the best to all the scholars and students for the new academic year, make every year count.
• The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup kicked off on the 19th of February and we have had fun watching South Africa beating the West Indies and Netherlands! Good luck to the Proteas, we wish you all the best!
• The Optical fair in Milan, Italy, took place in March. Exciting new technology and styles coming soon!


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