Issue 3, July 2009

Welcome to the Winter Edition of See Your World!

glasses2Welcome to the winter edition of your informative eye care newsletter. Dryness is something we all struggle with during the Highveld winters, not only our skin, but for very many, our eyes really do struggle. Make sure to read the article by Optometrist Marlene on Dry Eye management and bring yourself some welcomed relief. How to choose the right frame for your face? Read our dispensing article below. 

This edition will have something of value for all!


Finding the right Frame for your Needs 

choosing_framesThe purpose and function of your spectacles, together with your prescription, will be the deciding factor when choosing a frame. Guidance from your eyewear consultant is highly recommended in order to make a good purchase to suit both your lifestyle and needs. It is important to most spectacle wearers that friends and family admire their eyewear, and selecting the correct frame for your facial contours and prescription in mind, can be quite intimidating. Your frame choice should enhance your most attractive features, and not fade you out.

Sizing you frame

To ensure that you maximize your optical requirements, you need to choose the correct frame size. All temples, nose bridges and actual lens sizes are indicated on the frame. Try and select a frame where your pupils are centered in the lens. The temples must be long enough to fit behind and not above your ears. Nose bridge sizes are very important to prevent your spectacles from fitting too high or too low. It should fit flush and snug. Some of these frame features are adjustable.

Consider your prescription

Avoid a frame which fits too high or too low. You should be able to look through your lenses, and not over or underneath them. Should you require more advanced lenses like bifocals or multifocals , more attention must be given to detail on the frame selection, as you need to meet certain lens specifications. Far and short sighted correction lenses also require specific detail to frame choices.

Short guideline for your facial shape

The oval face - Don't select a frame wider than your widest facial contour, try and match your brow line.

The round face - Choose an angular or square frame, slightly wider than your face.

The heart shaped face - Look for more angular frames with strong vertical lines.

The square face - Frames which are slightly upswept, and slightly wider than the jaw line, works best.

The oblong face - Create a shorter illusion by selecting a deeper, rimless at the bottom frame that follows the brow line.


Visit by the Mandela Family


We were honoured to be visited by three generation of the Mandela family in June 2009. Winnie Madikizela, Zindzi and her son, Zondwa had eye examinations at our Cresta branch, performed by John Schubach. The story was featured in the Citizen on 18 June 2009.

Zindizi is the patron of the Vision in Sight Trust, the fundraiser body of the South African Optometric Association (SAOA). They hope to raise awareness that regular eye examinations will bring about early detection of eye diseases that are treatable and will prevent permanent blindness. 


Internal News


• Vision had our mid-year social earlier this month, and what a blast we had with our "Sixty’s" theme. Now we are ready to take on the rest of 2009!

• We are thrilled to welcome Ursula Visagie to our Zambezi branch. She worked as an optical assistant in Isle of Man (UK) for a year before joining the Vision team and we are certain that our patients will benefit from her expertise and positive attitude.

• One of our frame consultants at our Zambezi branch, Roenel KotzĂ© has enrolled as a Vision Bursary Student for a diploma in Optical Dispensing through the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She starts her part-time course at UJ in August and we wish her the very best of luck with her studies.

• One of our partners, Junilla Gabel has completed her studies through CAS in "Binocular Vision and Pediatrics" as well as "Advanced Contact lenses and anterior segment disease". Congratulations Junilla!

• Our Cresta and Zambezi branches have joined forces to bring you improved service and product range. Two of our optometrists, Marlene Jacobs and Junilla Gabel will be making sure that you receive professional eye care and excellent service at our Zambezi branch.

Lennel Somers joined the Vision team in February '09 as our new financial controller. She has been a pillar of strength over the past five months and is already a part of our family here at Vision. 

Dry Eyes?          read_afrikaans


Dry eyes are a very common occurrence interfering with comfort and visual function and are more apparent in the winter season. It results from changes in volume (quantity) and chemical composition (quality) of the tear film leaving you with ocular discomfort.

The tear film

The tear film consists of 3 layers, each performing its own function to help keep the ocular surface stable, namely the outer lipid layer, the middle aqueous layer and the inner mucous layer. Failure of one of these layers can result in dry eyes, also known as Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca.

Classification of dry eyes

Deficient tears due to gland obstructions
Tear evaporation caused by contact lenses, lids, surface changes or lipid deficiency

What are the symptoms associated with dry eyes?

- Foreign body or sand sensation
- Burning or scratchy eyes
- Blurred Vision
- Redness
- Reduced contact lens tolerance
- Teary eyes

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms make sure to book your appointment with one of our Optometrists to have a thorough dry eye examination. 

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Did you Know? 


• Glaucoma, if left untreated, can lead to vision loss. Learn more about Glaucoma through our online eye disease simulator.

• The older we are, the less tears we produce

• The average person blinks around 12 times per minute

• Our eyelids serve as “wipers” to take away the tears that are formed to protect our eyes

•  The entire length of eyelashes shed by a human in their entire life is around 30 meters


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