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Issue 9, November 2010

Daily disposable contact lenses enable you to face every new day with a fresh pair of lenses. No cleaning, no hassle, no lens care. Sportsmen and women, travellers and holiday makers can all experience the convenience of a fresh pair of lenses every morning, which are simply discarded at night. What could be easier?

Why Focus DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus™?

Focus DAILIES AquaComfort Plus™ lenses are especially 'focused' on the varied needs of modern contact lens wearers. Focus DAILIES AquaComfort Plus is the only range of lenses with a unique blink activated built in moisturising agent, meaning that you can expect moisture all day long. This means that with every blink, up to 14,000 times a day, moisturiser is released from the lens into the eyes, keeping them refreshed and revitalised throughout the day.

Focus DAILIES AquaComfort Plus are available for longsightedness and shortsightedness. The superior lens performance has made Focus DAILIES AquaComfort Plus the number 1 lens in Europe (CIBA Vision, Data on File). 

Any ocular allergies keeping you from wearing contacts?

Are ocular allergies – itchy, burning, watery eyes – getting in the way of wearing contact lenses? Now with Focus DAILIES AquaComfort Plus there is relief with clean new lenses every day.

Focus DAILIES AquaComfort Plus use unique and patented Lightstream™ Technology, which allows for an incredibly thin edge. This ensures easy insertion and all day comfort.

Ask us today if Focus DAILIES AquaComfort Plus are the right lenses for you.


Being able to see is one of our most important senses. It alters our experiences, builds lasting memories, provides us with laughter and joy, and opens the world to us!

Take advantage of the blessing of sight, this summer and embrace life in and around JHB!


When did you last consider your sense of sight in?

• Experiencing a sunset – look how the sky divides it colours and contrasts, and the clouds move around in
  circles! Can you see the pictures in the clouds?
• Glancing over the bright city lights at night, and try to recognise any landmarks, buildings or your favourite
  shopping malls.
• Looking through old photographs or slides and remembering the good old days
• Watching someone preparing your food – whether it is a sushi chef or a pizza being flipped, just enjoy the
  techniques and appreciate the preparation for your benefit.
• Going to the Walter Sisulu National Botanical garden. Try to spot the Black Eagle’s souring, relax at the
  waterfall, or search for the most unique colour or flower. Just enjoy the park!
• Seeing the emotion of a violinist - playing the most beautiful notes and the movement of the instrument under
  their fingers.
• In counting the colours of the rainbow!
• Noticing the reflection of you in a loved one’s eye?

There are so many beautiful and fascinating things we often miss, because our lives are too fast.

Take a moment in your day, "open" your eyes, and look at the amazing things around you and enjoy the gift of sight.


LensAlertA recent survey of 2,232 contact lens wearers revealed that as many as 52 percent don't replace their contacts on schedule. The top reason? Forgetfulness.

That's risky; expired lenses can accumulate deposits that leave eyes vulnerable to infection.

Now there's a gadget that can help: LensAlert, a digital timer that counts down days until contacts expire. When the big day arrives, the display flashes until you reset it. Contact us to get your own copy.



Rozettha van Niekerk is leaving after 14 years – we will miss you Roz!!!
Silmo News: Werner and John visited the world's premier eye care and eye wear trade fair in Paris. They saw
  incredible new diagnostic equipment, lens technologies and of course, trendy eye wear fashions. Vision will
  ensure that the world’s finest techniques, technologies and brands find their way to our stores.
New Lindberg frames will be in store beginning November!


Give refreshing comfort a try


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