Issue 2, October 2008

Welcome to the second issue of See Your World!

glasses2Spring is in the air and with it the promise of a gloriously warm summer. So toss away the winter woollies, the old frumpy specs and/or your ancient contact lenses. Step into our world and discover a fresh new you. Take advantage of our spring fashion frame sale or the Acuvue 1 Day® switch campaign – read on for more details. Unfortunately spring does also have an ugly side – seasonal hay fever and sore, itchy watery eyes. Fortunately new topical drug releases make prevention and managing seasonal allergic conjunctivitis just that much easier.

This edition will have something of value for all.


Contact Lenses for Children as Young as Eight

children_contactAlthough many optometrists seldom consider contact lenses for children under 12, a recent study in paediatrics has shown that children as young as 8 can be given the opportunity to wear contact lenses. Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care this study looked at the following:

1. Does it take more time to fit children with contacts?

Overall children and adolescents required the same amount of consultation time with their optometrist to ensure a successful lens fitting. Children, on average, require approximately 10 minutes longer to master the techniques of lens insertion and removal.

2. Do children enjoy contact lenses?
Reports of improved quality of life within 1 week of wearing contact lenses were received by both children and teens. Both groups felt that contact lenses improved their appearance and made participation in sports easier.

Are you still worried?
Children and adolescents in the study experienced similar difficulties initially, all of which occur among adults too. No safety differences were noted between children and teenagers in terms of what could be seen inside the eyes.

As this study only ran for several months it did not examine the long-term safety of wearing contact lenses. However, other similar studies have examined contact lens wear in children over a period of three years, and did not show any increase in problems compared to those experienced by adults.

So, what are we saying?
Younger children can be successful contact lens wearers. Granted, they may have more difficulty wearing contact lenses if they have small eyes, poor hygiene, or if they can't act independently of their parents but, for the most part, these factors can be overcome.

Kiddies Lenses
The types of contact lenses suitable for children include many of those available for adult wear. Daily disposables are possibly the best choice as they do not require cleaning and are easier to replace if lost or torn. 

The Gift of Vision


Themba is a non-profit organisation established in 2003. Their vision is to empower poor, disadvantaged members of the community and enable them to become self-sufficient.

Ladies are taught different handcrafts such as beading, sewing and now even mosaic. Last year, sales generated a total of R310 000 that went into the pockets of these women to provide for their families.

Vision Optometrists have been associated with Themba since 2004. We provide bi-annual screenings at the Warehouse at Diepsloot and offer comprehensive eye examinations at no charge to these ladies who often battle with their vision due to the tremendous strain on their eyes.

Spectacles are provided to those in need at a minimal cost and the gratitude and appreciation with which these remarkable women accept their eyewear, is touching. Vision Optometrists will continue these screenings in future.


Vision Optometrists have also started working with a non profit organization called Refilwe to assist with their visual needs. This organisation tackles issues such as HIV and Aids, limited education, unemployment, lack of skills and poor housing. We offer free eye examinations and the necessary visual aid as a contribution to this worthy cause. 

Internal News

• One of our Optical Dispensers, Faazila Hercules and her husband, Shadley are proud to announce the arrival of their beautiful daughter, Ameera.

• Werner Noeth and his wife Susan are expecting their second child, Liam in November. Their daughter AnĂ©, who turned two on 22 September, is looking forward to the arrival of her new brother.

• We have many birthdays to celebrate before the end of the year:

• Lyton, our technician and spectacle guru, celebrates his birthday on 25
  October. Here’s to many more Mr. Ndlovu!
• The Nunes family will be celebrating as Felomena's husband, Gil turns 70 on
  the 17th of October and Felomena herself will have her birthday on the 24th
  of December. Congratulations!
• Our dedicated and lovely Ruth is also turning a year older on the 12th of
  October, happy birthday Ruthie!
• John Schubach's eldest son, James will turn 7 on the 13th of October and
  his wife Andrea celebrates her special day on the 23rd of November.
  Wishing you special times and a blessed year.
• Tamia will be blowing out some candles on the 11th of November, happy

Spring Frame Sale!


We have a new President, we have a new cabinet, why not a new you? We would like to introduce you to all the new summer styles at our annual spring sale between the 10th to the 24th of October.

 Free 1-Day Acuvue® Moist™ Trials


Your lifestyle demands a contact lens that performs as well as you do. 1-Day Acuvue® Moist™ Brand Contact Lenses are daily disposable lenses that lock in a moisture-rich ingredient for a fresh lens feeling all day.

Daily disposable lens Benefits include:
• No lens care, no lens solution, no lens case
• Travel lighter
• The convenience of throwing away your lenses at the end of the day.

Just bring a printed copy of this newsletter to your nearest Vision Optometrists store and qualify for a Free Five Day Trial!

Furthermore, when you switch to 1-Day Acuvue® Moist™, purchase 4 boxes and get another 2 free! *

* Conditions apply 


Red Itchy Eyes?


Spring can be a torrid time for some folk, due to the yearly problem of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (hay fever conjunctivitis).

Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis generally occurs in the spring months (grass pollen induced), and in the late summer months (ragweed pollen induced). Itching is a dominant symptom in seasonal allergic conjunctivitis diagnosis, as well as watery/mucus discharge, burning, and redness.

What Treatment Options are Available?

Relief from seasonal allergic conjunctivitis comes in many ways and your Vision Optometrist practitioner will be happy to assist.

There are also various topical and oral medications readily available at your Vision Optometrist practice or over the counter at your local pharmacy. Contact us here for more info.

Did You Know?


In a lifetime we will spend the same amount of time blinking as we do eating.

We spend about five years with our eyes shut because we are blinking.

The average person blinks 15 to 20 times a minute, which amounts to more than six million blinks a year.


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