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Issue 8, September 2010

by Marlene Jacobs (Vision Optometrists) 

Spring 2010 offers the hottest new fashion eyewear, ranging from bigger, bolder and brighter colours.


Men can expect action packed sports eyewear, with bold colours, contrasting tones and different shapes and sizes. Retro is back with a mixture of round and square, small and narrow and something from the 1940’s to accentuate your features and give you a sharp and trendy look. Look out for the Aviator, wraparound and over sized frames. Bold colour outlines and bright plastics, round or square, dropping or unswept temples or even keyhole bridges, all these are available for you to create the look you desire.If you want something more mysterious and dark looking with wire and metal accents, under the radar is just the thing for you. Get a sleek sophisticated look with those black tortoise metal frames or the over sized flat top frames.


Women should look out for those over sized black, blue and red high brow eyewear to create your own diva look. Searching for a more natural beauty, round small frames with natural colours might just be what you need. For a real wild look consider over sized, exaggerated frames like cat-eye, butterfly, goggle and shield style in thick plastic and vivid prints with bright colours.

Women can have that warm brown colours and clear bottom for your everyday look or diamond studded frames if you want a more sophisticated look. Leopard print frames will match all skin complexions and will look great with those formal dresses. If you prefer the metal frame look – go thicker, bolder and colourful.
The unisex appeal is definitely part of the latest trend in 2010, with over sized lenses and plastic or two toned frames for an 80’s look.

Spring 2010 is the season for colours. Whatever your choice; bold or black, the world wants to see who you are or who you want to be. Consulting your wardrobe will give you a good idea of the eyewear you should consider. A neutral and basic black wardrobe will open doors for funky new colours in your eyewear world. Get some red or coral frames to invite the energy into your look. With a colourful wardrobe choose a shade that will work with the look you wear most often. Turquoise, green and blue will add warmth and bright energy; it will compliment red, coral and pink and provide that retro look.

Violet and lavender will give you that hint of romance and touch of class, dark skin tones should use brighter hues and fair complexions should use lighter hues. If you don’t like bold colours; neutral greens, warm beiges and pink champagne will be waiting to add some spring spirit to your day. Yellow is another colour making its way into fashion and will look good with grey or dark outfits.

Brown eyewear will add contrast to enhance your blue eyes, and matching shades of sapphire or cobalt will intensify your blue eyes. Lavender and purple will give contrast and highlight your brown eyes whereas chocolate and tortoise will give you that richer look.

Green eyes will be intensified with emerald and jade, and plum and violet will highlight your green. Hazel eyes should consider green to enhance the gold and brown for depth.

So whatever you're looking for, trendy or sophisticated, be sure to visit our stores to get into your Spring eyewear.


You only have two of 'em, so look after 'em... 

Do you believe that vision is our most important sense? In a recent survey; close to 75% of all Americans believe that their sight is the most important sense they have... and they are right.

As your eyecare practitioners, we know that about 80% of what you perceive through your senses comes from your sight alone.

Sadly only about 40% of all Americans have an annual eye exam, and a full 85% admit that they do not care for their eyes as much as they should. We are sure that those numbers are even worse in South Africa.

A few sensible rules in promoting the protection of your eyesight and the possible prevention of eye disease:

• Consult your eyecare practitioner at least once a year, especially if you are over forty years of age.
• Itchy, red, burning, weepy and watery eyes are not normal so please consult your eyecare practitioner.
• Make sure young children are screened before the age of 3 and undergo a full eye exam before going to
• Practice a healthy eating plan (food rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals) and drink loads of water.Take
  nutritional supplements that increase your antioxidant levels.
• Protect your eyes against harmful radiation by wearing good sunglasses.
• Make sure children wear sunglasses or at least a cap or peak whenever outdoors.
• Wear protective eyewear when working with machinery and plant – including the edging or playing a
  game of squash.
• By eliminating harmful lifestyle choices like reducing stress, will improve your eye health
• Practice good habits(such as juicing, and wearing sunglasses when outside) and avoid bad ones (such as
  smoking), will help you protect your eyesight.

Products like a featured Eyeslices will reduce stress and revitalise the area around the eyes – a good idea.



• Yolandé and Juan Pieterse had a beautiful little girl, Alexa, on the 30th of July. Congratulations from all of us at
  Vision, may Alexa bring you lots of joy and laughter.
• We are saying goodbye to Rachelle de Beer one of our frontline staff.
• We have 2 new frontline staff, Jacqueline Malan who started on the 1st of June and welcoming back an old
  face, Jessica Smith, who will rejoin the team on the 1st of October. We are very pleased to have both of you on
• John and Werner will visit the Silmo trade fair in Paris, in search of new diagnostic technologies and
  awesome frame trends
• Transitions Promo winner, Martie Du Toit was presented with her new Felt Racing Bike


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